Bots to download videos from Twitter – List

 Meet the best bots to download any Twitter video quickly and in maximum quality. Bots are a convenient and easy way to save Twitter videos to your device’s internal storage and share with anyone you want or via other social media. In this post, you’ll meet dozens of bots, automated tool robots capable of saving videos and creating a download link. See at the end of this post, the step-by-step guide on how to use bots to save Twitter videos on your cell phone.

Thanks to bots, you don’t need to download an external app or access third-party websites to download Twitter videos. With this tool, you can download any video, image or gif you like in seconds. See the best ones, how to use them and, after all, what are Twiiter bots.

Best Bots to Download Videos from Twitter

Best Bots to Download Videos from Twitter

Complete list with all the best bots to download any media from Twitter, be it photos, videos or gifs.

  • @VideoDownloader
  • @LowThatFuck
  • @ddl_vid1
  • @SendMeThisVideo
  • @DownloaderBot
  • @SaveVidBot
  • @th i s_vid
  • @get_vdo
  • @VidDownApp
  • @takeVideoBot
  • @GetVideoBot
  • @twdownloader
  • @sendvidbot

How to use Twitter bots to download videos?

To download Twitter content via bots is very easy. Copy one of the tags from the list above into the comment of the video you want to download. After that, in a few seconds the Bot will generate a link where you can access and download your video straight to your device.

Found any bot that malfunctions and has stopped working, please write in the comments section. If you know of a new bot, please write in the same section below and we will update the list above.

In addition to Twitter, several other applications have the Bots system integrated into the social network. 

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