Free Internet Claro Panama 2022 unlimited with Slowdns VPN

  After a long time we are sharing again a tutorial to connect to the Claro Panama 2022 free internet . A connection that the Slowdns vpn application will provide us. In principle, this application is only going to give us 180 megabytes every day. But with a trick we can make it unlimited to have internet for as long as we want.

The process that must be followed to make the application unlimited and also how to configure it is very simple. The application is compatible with any version of an Android cell phone. However, it could be said that it works better with Android versions that are higher than 4.0.

Which Claro APN should be used with Slowdns?

The internet settings that we are going to use this time should be the ones that come by default on the cell phone. In this case they should be not going to have to create APN profiles, it is more than enough to turn on the 3g or 4g and that’s it.

Free Internet Claro Panama 2022 unlimited with Slowdns VPN

Where can I see the APN of my Android cell phone? Internet parameters are in the category ” mobile networks ” within the cell phone settings. To get to it we just have to enter the settings – more – mobile networks – access point names.

Download Slowdns vpn for Android

The vpn application is available for download from any Android phone. We just have to enter the Play Store and look for it by typing its name “slowdns” once we find it we must install it.

The application does not need super user permissions (root) to be used, it works with or without being root.

Requirements to connect to the internet for free in Claro

  • The clear chip must not have credit because Slowdns can spend it.
  • We have to do the process in a place where it gives a lot of signal to the cell phone.
  • If there are applications that block advertising on the cell phone, they should be eliminated.
  • The slowdns configuration that we are going to show you may work in other telephone companies in Panama. We would recommend that you try them because it is possible that you have internet the same as in Claro.
  • The tutorial link that you have to follow to make the application unlimited is the following:
  • Make unlimited Slowdns on Android

How to configure Slowdns VPN: Free Internet Claro Panama

We are going to turn on the internet of our cell phone and then we are going to open the Slowdns vpn application.

  1. When we are inside the Slowdns application, we will see many options, but not all of them will be modified. We are going to leave the first two unchanged, we are referring to the account name and password.
  2. We will go directly to select a server in the third box, it must be a FREE FREE server .
  3. Then in the 4th option we have to select ” TunnelGuru.DNS.Server “.
  4. The next box must be left in NULL .
  5. Only the last two boxes are we going to put two ports, in the first 250 and in the second 80 .
get free internet clear panama 2022 unlimited

With the following image you can confirm that everything mentioned above is the same and correct.

If we have everything perfect, all we have to do is connect the application. To do this, you just click on the “Connect” button and then you are expected to connect to the Claro Panama free internet.

free internet of course panama slowdns 2022


In the case that the application takes a long time to connect or simply does not connect, we must try another server. We have to choose a new server, one that is faster and is not so congested. It is a matter of testing which server works better.

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