How to create infinite email accounts with Gmail

 Today I will be brief and practical, Surely on more than one occasion you have had the need to create more than one Gmail account for countless issues: tool registrations, creation of multiple users, etc.

I leave you a way to create infinite Gmail accounts as aliases in a fast and easy way.

Let’s imagine that your Gmail account is: [email protected]il.com

Well, you just have to add the + sign and the word or number that you want behind the username.

Thus, we can get new accounts like [email protected] or [email protected] , and generate as many aliases as you need.


Gmail account

Receive all emails in your usual account

And we talk about aliases because these variations of your Gmail account are not accounts as such , although they can serve you in a similar way, since you will receive all the emails in your usual account ([email protected]).

I explain. These Gmail accounts will not be used to send mail; in fact, you can’t log in with them. It is much simpler than that. What you can do is use those addresses to register on different platforms or when giving your email to someone. 

What can it be useful for?

It occurs to me, for example, to create  different profiles on  social networks  and coordinate all mail from the same account. You can also  have multiple accounts  on platforms like Dropbox , which offer a limited amount of free storage.

In this way you can increase your space in the cloud  without having to create a new  Gmail account.

Simply  sign up for  Dropbox again using a different alias (for example, [email protected]) and the confirmation email will arrive in your normal email. The best thing is that you will have two (or more) accounts with their corresponding free storage. Easy right?

Something similar happens with platforms with trial periods.

Although normally you will need a different credit card each time you want to enjoy a trial period, if you have several cards you do not need several emails : you can create specific aliases and save yourself having to create email accounts.

Finally, you can use aliases to classify your mail automatically .

If, for example, you want to classify all your incoming mail in relation to your customers, simply give those customers an alias of your email address: [email protected]

Your clients’ emails will reach your generic account, but you can create a filter so that they classify themselves.

It is as simple as generating a new filter from Configuration (in the settings wheel in the upper right part) that responds to the automation : “When an email is for [email protected], assign it to the Clients folder.” Very useful, right? 

Professionalize your company: use corporate email accounts

However, and although this can be practical to organize emails on a private level,  it is not the most professional for a company .

Any company is expected to have  corporate email accounts , linked to its domain or web address through hosting.

That is to say, the ideal is that if your website is www.yourcompany.com, you can distribute to your clients, suppliers and creditors email addresses such as  [email protected]  or  [email protected] , as well as specific workers: [email protected] or a.bolañ[email protected]

To do this, you will have to  hire a professional hosting service  that includes several corporate addresses.

With it you can better manage your relationships with your customers and, of course, your  Email Marketing campaigns, which are currently a fundamental piece in the most effective digital marketing strategies to get new customers for your business.

At Digital Nature we provide professional hosting service and help you get more clients for your business, developing advanced 360º digital marketing strategies, adapting to the needs of your company and your available resources.

Create unlimited Gmail or Google accounts without any phone number

This time I am going to teach a method to create unlimited Gmail emails.

Let’s start:

  1. Open the incognito tab of any browser and go to youtube.com and then open any video
  2. Click the Like button (when you like a video without having an account open, it will ask you to log in )
  3. Click Login
  4. Now click Create a new account
  5. Fill in the first and last name and click “Create a Gmail address instead”, then create a strong password.
  6. Click Next. Now leave a mobile phone number and a recovery email box because they are optional and fill in other details

Click next, and voila my work is done, now you know what to do Enjoy and after creating an account, delete the data from the browser and turn off Airplane mode. Keep an interval to create the next account

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