How to pay invoice in the PicPay app 2022

 As a full featured app with lots of functionality, it can be difficult to find payment options via the app. View the step by step guide on how to pay PicPay Card invoice in the PicPay app. See how to pay your invoice, after closing, easily and quickly.

PicPay is a national online payment application, with this digital wallet you can pay absolutely everything, from bank slips, invoices and transactions via PIX, TED and DOC. PicPay recently launched its zero annuity and cashback online shopping card, the PicPay Card.

How to pay invoice in the PicPay app

How to pay invoice in PicPay app 2022

Guide how to pay the PicPay Card invoice through the PicPay app, see below:

  1. Access your PicPay app.
  2. Go to Wallet .
  3. Click PicPay Card > My PicPay Card .
  4. In the My PicPay Card section , find the Pay Invoice button .
  5. Choose the method of payment, via balance or bank slip.

If you haven’t succeeded, see the step by step below:

  1. Open your PicPay app, from the home screen go to Wallet (located in the bottom menu). Under Method of Payment , click on the PicPay Card option .
  2. Select the My PicPay Card option . Inside the PicPay Card there is a Pay Invoice button . There you can select the way you want to pay your bill, either through your account balance or via bank slip.


How to pay PicPay Card in advance

Unfortunately, PicPay does not offer payment of invoices in advance. You will only be able to pay your invoice after your invoice is closed. For more information, you can go to PicPay’s official website or contact support via the app.

I’m not able to pay the bill

Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your device, to check it go to the official Android app store or click here .

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