VPN servers to have free internet on Android 2022

VPN servers to have free internet on Android 2022
In this post we are going to share the best vpn servers for http injector, eproxy, custom apk, kpn tunnel revolution, linux vpn, titan vpn, brandvpn, mega ssh and many more free internet applications.
The vpn servers allow you to connect without credit to the 4g lte and 3g internet of any telephone operator without credit, without losing credit. They work in Movistar, Telcel free vpn internet , Entel, Tigo, Claro, Viva, Personal, Wom, Weex, Tuenti, CNT, Digicel, Antel, Vivo, Oi, Bitel, Tim and many more operators.
It is a bit long to explain everything related to vpn apps and their servers that give free mobile data . That is why below we are going to link to tutorials explaining each point, as well as we will leave a post to download unlimited internet servers.

Download ehi servers for http injector vpn

Download vpn servers for kpn tunnel revolution apk

Download vpn servers for custum apk

Servers for eProxy apk

Free servers for linux vpn app

Download servers for titan vpn apk

Download servers for other vpn applications

In this section we are going to leave you the app servers like mega ssh, brandvpn and other little-known apps, but that people also use them to have free megabytes on their Android cell phones.
Little by little vpn servers are being added to have free megabytes, they are updated every time there are new functional servers for the telephone companies. We do not always find, however, our search does not end. 😉

Frequently asked questions about applications using vpn servers

How does the apk used by servers work?

¿ How to configure ? The operation of this type of applications is simple as long as you have the necessary parameters. You need an ssh account, proxy and server addresses, DNS and the most important of which is the host .
We have to configure each parameter correctly in its advanced options, in this way the application can connect without credit to the network of any of the world’s telephone companies.

How to use http injector or other similar apk

How to use these types of apps? It is one of the most common questions that Android users ask themselves. We can say that the use we can do for two types of things:
  1. Test WiFi network connections
  2. Have free internet without balance
Point number 2 is why this app has become more famous. The easiest way to use these types of apps is by downloading servers already configured by their creators.

How to create payload in kpn tunnel, http injector, linux vpn, etc

To create a payload is not difficult since these types of apps generate them just by putting a host. When we say a host we refer for example to the following url: that normally works to have free data with unlimited social networks.
You can host social networks or remove hosts whose parameters are sometimes IP addresses. It is possible that if you are new you do not understand very well what we are trying to explain (it is a bit complicated for those of us who are not familiar with these types of terms :().
All the apks mentioned and surely the ones that remain to be mentioned have an option called “Payload Generator”. This is where you put the host to generate the payload.

How to create vpn servers in custom apk, eproxy, titan vpn, etc

The creation of servers in kpn tunnel, http injector, custom apk and any other is very easy, since when you have the app configured you just click on the “Export configuration” option and that’s it.
When the configuration is exported, a file is generated that can only be compatible with the vpn application that was created. We can share the file known as “server” to our friends and that’s it.
It is easy to create vpn servers to have free internet, the complicated thing is to configure and connect the apps.

Why is http injector, mega ssh, apk custom not connecting

Why does http injector disconnect ? There are many reasons why a vpn server and app stops working and won’t connect. Next, we are going to list some of them:
  1. The server is no longer working because the ssh account has expired or the host (payload) is no longer working.
  2. The server is not compatible with the version of the app in which you want to import.
  3. The parameters are being configured wrong.
  4. The host that has been configured in the apk is no longer working because it has been blocked by the phone company.
  5. The port, proxy, DNS, or server address is not working.
  6. The APN profile of the internet is not the one indicated since sometimes the servers work with wap profiles.
If you do not know how these applications work, it is difficult to detect why they do not connect, such as http injector, kpn tunnel rev, custom apk, etc.
This is all, if you have questions about the vpn servers to have free internet or the apps, you can write them in the comments. See you!

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