Can a VPN Stop Hackers? Here’s the explanation

The internet or the virtual world actually makes some of our privacy disappear. Yes, some sites or applications require us to fill in personal data. When connected to the internet there are loopholes that can be exploited by hackers ( hackers ). That’s when personal data information can be stolen if accessing the internet through an unsecured network. These connections will be easy to monitor, record, and steal as long as the computer passes through the server. There are examples of cases where in May and July 2018, hackersmanaged to break into the company Equifax and steal millions of customer data information. Of course, this is not the first time this has happened in the digital world. Attacks from hackers often occur, the targets range from individuals to organizations. For that we should take the necessary actions to protect personal data, namely by using a VPN. Maybe many arena friends are wondering, can a VPN stop hackers? The answer , of course, is if the VPN you choose has a good quality of service .

Can a VPN Stop Hackers

How Hackers Do To Steal Data

Hackers will always have tactics along with the development of modern security systems. Here are some ways that hackers can use to steal other people’s data.

  • Jaringan Wi-fi

Using public wi-fi that doesn’t use a password is fun. But it actually gives free access to all arena friend files. All your online activities can be monitored by hackers over the same wi-fi network.

  • Visiting Unprotected Sites

If there are sites that do not have a lock symbol, you should be wary. Without this symbol, they will easily get information from the device without the owner’s permission with a MIM ( Man In The Middle ) attack. So, always check the green check mark that is next to the lock symbol.

  • Entering Unknown Programs

It would be very dangerous to let programs that we do not know ( malware ) into the computer. This is also one of the ways hackers can easily extract your arena friend’s password . If you already have it installed, remove it immediately and scan your computer with antivirus.

Why You Should Use a VPN

Why You Should Use a VPN, The way to be safe from hackers is to use a VPN on the device. The function of a VPN is not only limited to answering can a VPN stop hackers, but more than that. There are a number of benefits to using a VPN service for your online privacy needs.

Every data traffic that is sent from a computer to the internet, you must make sure nothing is preventing it. In this case the VPN will encrypt your friend’s data, although there is still a possibility for it to leak but at least it’s much better than nothing.

Every individual has sensitive information, such as email, bank accounts, to pension reports and it must be protected. Hackers can steal information about arena friends’ health to create fake insurance. With a VPN, everything can be prevented and make friends arena anonymous when online activities.

In addition, a VPN can also protect your friends’ files from a number of malicious programs that hackers have planted in your computer system.

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VPN Provides Complete Protection

VPN Provides Complete Protection, A VPN service that has a no- logging policy of all activity and browsing history will provide maximum protection. Because there are some VPNs that turn out to be secretly recording, recording, and giving information about their user data to other parties. Therefore, choosing a VPN is also very important, because not all VPNs have good reputations.

For arena friends who want a VPN for advanced security, laptop arena recommends ExpressVPN and NordVPN . The two VPN service providers have superior security protocols to provide arena-friendly online privacy. However, it is recommended to subscribe to a premium service to get the best quality.

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