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how to care for matte finish car

Many people like their car to shine in the sun. However, others do not, therefore, one of the finishes with the highest current demand is matte. Matte car paint was an exclusivity for high-end models, especially German ones like Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

This type of paint, although it does not have a relevant shine, does not mean that it is the easiest to maintain. On the contrary, it requires special care, since any problem or imperfection will stand out much more in this type of finish.

Therefore, at SPG Talleres, your trusted workshop, we advise you on how to care for matte car paint. Before advising you, we will tell you how this type of finish is obtained. So, do not stray from our blog that has more and more interesting topics.

Tips on matte car paint


The matt finish is currently obtained by applying a microtexture layer at the end of the painting process (in this case it does not matter if the painting is varnished or monolayer). This micro layer is responsible for removing the glossy finish or “DOI character” of these layers. The micro layer is positioned on the color, as if it were floating, preventing much of its shine.

We remind you that at SPG Talleres we are specialists in maintaining your car ‘s paint . Paint (regardless of its type, glossy or matte) allows your car to remain free of corrosion. But we are also experts applying this custom finish.

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Now yes, we are going to review what are those relevant tips to keep matte car paint up to date. These recommendations apply both to owners of matte factory cars and to those who have painted them after purchase (by way of personalization).

No car wash

The first piece of advice for maintaining matte car paint is to keep it out of car washes. You may be a practical person who maximizes time, reducing effort. But with a car with this type of paint, the effort must be something important, so you will have to wash it by hand.

However, when these cars are washed it is necessary that you do not use any type of washing elements. The brushes, sponges and washing tools must be unique, that is, they must not have been previously used. Here we leave you a video to see the process of washing a mate car .

What is the reason why the car wash is not recommended? Because it can leave whitish-type stains on the paint, that is, it is an uneven wash. They are quite difficult to remove as they may take some time or you will have to spend money for their removal.

Wax, discarded

If what you have on the car is a traditional, glossy paint, wax is an ally to hide imperfections and make the car shine like the first day. But with matte paint it is the opposite, because it will damage it. Moreover, all conventional products to treat traditional paint are discarded on matte paint.

Use products indicated for this type of paint

Nothing better than a little chlorinated water to clean these cars. Although there are also specific products on the market to wash these cars. If you have the money to have a matte car, you can also afford their specific products.

One of the most important products is microfiber. With it you must treat the surface, both for washing and to dry all the remaining water. And if you use pressurized water, use it from a considerable distance but first test its power with another surface.


We hope that, with these tips, you will start a new and fruitful relationship with matte car paint. And if you need attention, do not hesitate to search for the workshop closest to your location in our locator . If you require a major intervention, we also have replacement cars. What are you waiting for to go to one of our locations?

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