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Is it time to replace the battery in your Acura? 7 Typical Symptoms

 Approximately every 3 to 4 years, vehicles require a new car battery. When you need a new battery, come to local Acura dealership; we’ll gladly replace it for you! You never know when your existing battery will fail, so keep an eye out for signals that you need a new one.

Is it time to replace the battery in your Acura? 7 Typical Symptoms

1. Your engine takes a long time to start.

The components of your battery deteriorate over time. When a result, as the battery ages, they become less effective. Your battery will eventually lose its ability to start your vehicle as rapidly as it previously did. If you discover that your start times have increased, it’s time to get a new battery from your dealer.

2. You Have Electrical Problems

All of the electrical components in your vehicle are powered by your battery. Electronics that aren’t working properly are a clue that your battery is dying. A malfunction could be anything from a non-functioning radio to unusually dim headlights.
When you have this problem, you should also get your alternator checked. Your alternator is the component that charges your battery, and if it isn’t charging it sufficiently, your battery won’t be able to power your electronics. Your alternator could be bad, but your battery could be fine. To be safe, have both checked out.

3. The Check Engine Light Illuminates

Your check engine light comes on for a variety of reasons, one of which is when your battery is about to die. If your check engine light comes on, take it to your local dealer for an engine diagnostic. The engine diagnostic will reveal any problems with your vehicle, such as a broken battery.

4. A Disgusting Smell

Check under the hood if you smell rotten eggs in your car. If the scent gets worse when you open the hood, your battery is probably leaking. This is caused by a faulty battery or an internal short.

5. Connectors that have corroded

Visually inspect the parts of your car on a regular basis to verify they appear to be in good working order. You may see an ashy residue sticking to your battery’s metal components. This indicates that you have a corrosion problem. This problem can cause voltage issues, which can make it difficult to start your vehicle.

6. Your battery case has a crooked shape.

Extremes of temperature, such as heat and cold, might ruin your battery case. They may cause warping, swelling, cracking, and other issues. Always keep your battery case rectangular and not bloated. If something appears to be strange, it is most likely not going to work well.

7. You can’t recall when you last had a battery replaced.

If you can’t recall when your battery was last replaced, you’ll most certainly need one soon, if not right now. It’s possible that you haven’t changed your batteries in a long time.

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