LIVE – Conference League: Beka Beka offers qualification to Nice with a superb goal

LIVE – Conference League: Beka Beka offers qualification to Nice with a superb goal

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It’s over after a last dangerous free kick sent into the wall by Zahavi! Nice won 2-0 tonight, 2-1 on aggregate. It was long, with a goal from Claude-Maurice in the first period and a gem from Beka Beka in overtime, but it was good. Huge atmosphere and beautiful solidarity. We will have a French club in the draw tomorrow!

Atal is replaced by Lotomba

For a few seconds. Before that, Thuram was booked for entering the pitch to celebrate Atal’s action.

Atal still has legs

What an effort to take the ball into the corner of the field and keep it to waste time. The Algerian still goes to the ground in stride.

Dante has cramps

Or he saves time, which we gladly forgive him. Especially in this incredible atmosphere after the 2-0!



This time, Peretz did not move. Potato from the corner of the surface that hits the post and ends up in the bottom. 2-0 this Thursday, 2-1 on aggregate!

It’s getting complicated for Nice

This time, it is the Aiglons who camp in front of their surface. Don’t crack now…

Bard is warned

You have to better control your emotions, it is useless to swing the ball after a whistle.


The Israeli prodigy gets rid of the Nice defenders and sends a heavy shot from the entrance to the surface which ends up on the crossbar… Nice did not go far from the nightmare evening.

Here we go again after a change on each side.

Beka Beka replaces Thuram, crippled with cramps after a daunting match. Kandil enters the place of Geraldes on the Maccabi side.

It’s halftime overtime!

Still 1-0 and 1-1 on aggregate, but Nice are 10 after Gouiri’s exclusion. It’s tense, and it’s not going to improve over the next few minutes.

Glazer and Ramsey are warned after a collision

It inevitably stretches on the ground.

Distribution of yellows for protest

Delort and Favre are warned.

Gouiri is excluded…

Same kind of fault as the one which earned him his first yellow: a foot which continues its course after being stolen the ball by a defender. Both are severe, so red…

Schmeichel with both fists

We were almost afraid that he was too short on this center and preceded by Zahavi, but the former Leicester goalkeeper clears the ball.

Stengs misses the target!

Found by Brahimi from the other corner of the area, the Dutchman couldn’t roll up enough for the ball to end up in the skylight!

It’s go again !

Kick-off of this first European extension in the history of OGC Nice.

We will have the right to an extension!

Still 1-0 after Claude-Maurice’s goal in the first period, it’s 1-1 on aggregate. 30 minutes to find out who from Nice or Maccabi Tel Avi will go to the Conference League groups.

The Niçois take all the balls from a corner

Dante still misses the target. It is not possible.

There will be 6 minutes of additional time

Nice has time to score the qualifying goal (1-0 tonight, 1-1 on aggregate so far).

Delort is also coming out

Brahimi enters, and seems to take place in the axis.

Lemina asked for the change

The midfielder has cramps and is replaced by Rosario.

The people of Nice face a wall

Maccabi are hunkering down at the end of the game. It smells of extra time, even if we would probably be happy to be wrong since we rather imagine Nice scoring.

Dor Peretz replaces Van Overeem

Not related to goalkeeper Daniel Peretz, if you were wondering.

Another corner taken by a Nice player

But Dante, although not clumsy in the exercise, can not adjust.

The stretcher enters the lawn

Van Overeem, whose ankle spun after the shock that earned Gouiri a yellow card, will not be able to continue.


Thuram had however applied perfectly on his half-volley, which went strong under the bar. The Israeli goalkeeper is the man of the double confrontation.

Gouiri is warned

Involuntary sole after sliding on the ball.

A change also on the Maccabi side

Oscar Gloukh, who reached the Euro U19 final with Israel, replaces Kanichowski.

It was enough to ask to see changes

Gouiri and Stengs replace Ilie and Claude-Maurice. Change of wingers.

Nice is dangerous from set pieces

Salvation may come from there. But not this time: the head of Todibo, who freed himself well, is directly on Peretz.

Still no change from Favre

There are however beautiful people on the bench, with Gouiri, Stengs, Beka Beka or Brahimi among others.


The stadium is not full, but the ultras know how to ignite it when necessary.

Delort claims a fault!

Big clash of the defender while the Algerian international was launched in depth …

Kanichowsky drags his leg in front of Atal

The Israeli community already has a warning, we must continue to provoke it…

The match is more and more open

It probably suits Nice who, with the great strides of Thuram or the small supports of Ilie or Claude-Maurice, have the players to make the difference.

Perica is replaced by Zahavi

It was the opposite on the way out. We hope that this time the entrant will not be a scorer.

Van Overeem replaced him Golasa.


Small miracle from Peretz to save the 1-0 (1-1 in aggregate) after a pool shot in front of his line. Truly a keeper to follow.


Thuram fires up the defense and enters the box. He is surrounded by 4 players and his shot is blocked, but the ball comes back to Delort. He too tries his luck, he too sees his attempt being deflected.

Perica forces Schmeichel to a stoppage

It takes more to endanger the Dane and this header was too soft, but be careful not to give Maccabi too many chances…

Nice struggles to keep the ball

As in the first leg, the Aiglons suffered more in the second period than in the first. We hope that the scenario will not repeat itself too much…

Peretz is attentive

Tense cross from Bard, which is not precise enough and suddenly turns into a strike. It is captured in two stages.

The balloon is deflated

After the problem with the referee’s shoes, there are a lot of technical problems. It may have been the heavy volley from a distance of a Maccabi player (passed wide by the side) that damaged the ball.

Thurama has a good quality of crosses from the left

After his dice pass, another ball well rolled up with the right foot. It is pushed back for a corner by a defender, but the corner kick does nothing.

Here we go again !

No change at the break! 45 minutes to score the second goal and see the Conference League groups without overtime.

It’s the break ! Nice leads 1-0 and has caught up!

After the defeat by the same score in the first leg, the Aiglons returned to equality in the two games thanks to a header from Claude-Maurice. We will have to do as well, and even dominate even more, in the second period!

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Attention on corner!

Saborit misses his kickback at the far post after a deflection at the first.

There will be 4 minutes of additional time

The referee’s change of shoes took a bit of time.

Ilie can’t cross or shoot

The Romanian had however passed on his left side. It shows at least that the Aiglons are getting better and better, after returning to 1-1 on aggregate (1-0 this Thursday).

Delort’s deep calls hurt defense

However, there are not many spaces, but the Algerian international manages to be quite sharp. It will eventually pass!

Series of breaks

He makes the “SUUUUUU” of Ronaldo and leaves the field quietly, escorted by Dante and a steward.

Nice intervention by Dante

Maccabi, very harmless until then, was in the opposing box, but the Nice captain is solid to counter Dante.

Here we go again !

New pair of shoes for the referee.

Change… of shoes for the referee

His is really well perforated, with the sole coming off. Mr. Stegemann returns to the locker room, improvised cool break for the players!


The Israeli goalkeeper had already disgusted Nice in the first leg, and did it again. It’s not on his line this time, but away from it. Delort picks up an ill-fitting back pass and tries to get around Peretz, who comes back hard and counters the shot from a tight angle.

Ramsey causes another corner

Nice chest delivery from Delort for the Welshman, whose shot is blocked by a defender. Go on !

Be careful not to get fooled again

Bitton is found thrown into the box on a cross, but his header goes wide wide.



First Game Warning

It is for Kanichowsky, after a fine technical number by Claude-Maurice. The individual quality of Nice must be used for that.

This match is to follow on RMC Sport 1

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Favre gives some indications to Ilie

Small notebook and pen during a break because of a downed player. The young Romanian will have an important role tonight.

Thuram’s Percussion Can Make a Difference

This time, it comes to nothing (Claude-Maurice not succeeding in his cross in stride), but his long strides can pierce many lines.

It’s hard to find a shot angle

Claude-Maurice tries small supports at the entrance to the surface, but ends up losing the ball. First quarter of an hour that we will qualify as “tactical” (a euphemism generally used for “not very exciting”).

Tel Aviv still wants to trap Nice

The Israelis leave little space to the Aiglons, and try to come out very quickly when they recover the ball. This is generally what we expected.

Nice only French chance in the Conference League

If the OGCN does not pass, our Thursdays will be a little less thrilling since there will be no French club in the group stage (before any transfers from the Europa League).

The first corner is for Nice

The ball, cleared by the defense, returns to Claude-Maurice who tries an unbalanced volley from a distance which passes over.

Nice formalizes the arrival of Nicolas Pépé

The Arsenal winger arrives on loan, it has been confirmed… seconds before kick-off!

Let’s go !

Kick off given by Maccabi Tel Aviv!

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Both teams enter the field

The supporters present try to set the mood with a “Who does not jump is not Nice!” (Hey)

Compo of Maccabi Tel Aviv: the scorer of the first leg

Perica was a substitute in the first leg, before emerging from the bench to score. He takes the place in the eleven of the experienced Zahavi, who returned this summer from PSV Eindhoven.

Maccabi: Peretz – Bitton, Yeini, Saborit – Geraldes, Kanichowsky, Glazer, Golasa, Davdzada – Perica, Jovanovic.

Replacements: Tenenbaum, Nachmias, Zahavi, van Overeem, Kuwas, Parfait, Rikan, Kandil, Piven, Gloukh, Peretz, Hozez.

We know the Champions League draw

>> PSG and OM are doing well with groups that are affordable on paper

Compo de Nice: Claude-Maurice and Ilie in surprises

It is generally the eleven that emerged this start of the season, with Stengs and Gouiri replaced by Claude-Maurice and Ilie. We’ll see who is in which lane.

Pleasant: Schmeichel – Atal, Todibo, Dante, Barde – Thuram, Lemina – Claude-Maurice, Ramsey, Ilie – Delort.

Replacements: Bulka, Boulhendi, Mendy, Daniliuc, Lotomba, Viti, Beka Beka, Rosario, Stengs, Brahmi, Bouanani, Gouiri.

Nice must necessarily win

Beaten 1-0 in the first leg in Israel, the Aiglons must necessarily win tonight to participate in the group stage of the Europa League Conference.

Not so obvious: OGC Nice has still not won a single match this season (2 draws and 1 defeat in Ligue 1, plus the poor first leg result).

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