An Arkansas biker burst into flames after being caught in a chase with state police

An Arkansas biker burst into flames after being caught in a chase with state police


An Arkansas man is hospitalized but expected to recover after he was shot by state police while wearing a backpack with gasoline inside, according to an Arkansas State Police press release.

On Oct. 13 at about 1:18 a.m., an Arkansas State Trooper attempted to stop a motorcycle with no license plate in Little Rock, the report said.

The rider, identified by state police as 38-year-old Christopher Gaylor, was traveling at speeds approaching 100 mph and “disregarded multiple traffic stop signs and traffic lights when he encountered a second state trooper on Interstate 30.” said the press release.

He got off the highway, then jumped off the motorcycle in a residential area and ran, the report said.

On October 13, 2022, an Arkansas State Police officer burst into flames after attacking a motorcyclist.

A trooper attempted to detain the suspect, and when the Taser’s prongs hit Gaylor, a fireball engulfed him, according to state police.

A police video camera was provided CNN affiliate KHBS Arkansas State Police show troopers shouting “it’s on fire” and then using a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. According to a statement from state police, When an ambulance was called to the scene, the staff provided medical aid.

“The investigation then revealed that Gaylor was carrying approximately 1 gallon of gasoline in a backpack,” state police said in a statement.

Gaylor is in stable condition at the hospital and is expected to recover, police said.

“He was charged with felony fleeing, failure to register a vehicle, failure to maintain responsibility, driving while license revoked and reckless driving,” state police said in a statement.

No Arkansas State Police officers are being investigated for the incident and no one has been placed on administrative leave or disciplined, state spokesman Bill Sadler told CNN.

Arkansas State Police say Gaylor never said he had the accelerant in his backpack after he abandoned the motorcycle and ran away, and there was no placard on the outside of the backpack indicating it was inside.

CNN attempted to reach Gaylor. It is unclear whether he has retained an attorney.

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