Coupe de France – Experience the 7th round of Ligue 2 clubs live this Saturday!

Coupe de France – Experience the 7th round of Ligue 2 clubs live this Saturday!

The Liga 2 breaks at the weekend to make room 7th round of the Coupe de France. Our 20 residents are on the starting line for this 2022-2023 edition and will have to avoid the pitfalls against the lower division formations. The shock between Saint-Etienne and Rodez will inevitably see the elimination of a member of the L2 as soon as he enters the race. Do not miss any of the evolution of all the matches (compositions, scores, info) this Saturday thanks to the live broadcast below by the MaLigue2 editorial team!

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  • 16:02Four new games are starting!

    Annecy 0-0 Black Devils by Combani (R1 Mayotte)

    Prix-les-Mezieres (N3) 0-0 Bastia

    St-Pryvé-St-Hilaire (N2) 0-0 Dijon

    Aubervilliers (N3) 0-0 QRM

  • 15:54Some goals at half-time

    Scores at the 15:00 interval. The Saint-Étienne does not find the fault despite the many opportunities for Wadji.

    Illzach (R1) 1–2 Grenoble
    Saint-Etienne 0–0 Rodez
    Aigues Mortes (N3) 0–2 Pau
    Orvault (R1) 1–0 Laval

  • 15:47Niort, Paris and Sochaux qualify!

    The top three Ligue 2 teams running this Saturday pass without too much difficulty. Sochaux still had to wait the last 20 minutes to overtake his opponent. Niort had some fright during the 6 extra minutes but he passes!

    Les Ulis (N3) 1-3 Paris FC
    Mérignac (R1) 0-1 Niort
    2-0 Hombourg Haut (R2)

  • 15:45Another chance for Wadji!

    The Saint-Étienne striker decides to try his luck but scores on Cibois, Rodez’s goalkeeper!

    0-0 again!

  • 15:43Grenoble passed in front!

    Nice reaction from GF38: ten minutes after taking the lead, Vincent Hognon’s men are now ahead: 2-1 for Ligue 2.

    Isérois’ first goal was scored by Phaëton.

  • 15:42Reduction of the gap from Ulis!

    Paris FC conceded a goal in the wake of Alimami Gory’s 3-1 goal!

  • 15:40Paris and Sochaux take off!

    The end of the match is approaching for the Parisians and the Cubs who add a goal each:

    Les Ulis (N3) 0-3 Paris FC
    Sochaux 2-0 Hombourg Haut (R2)

  • 15:39Things are better for Grenoble

    Isérois draw against Illzach: 1-1!

  • 15:37Update on current scores

    Les Ulis (N3) 0-3 Paris FC
    Mérignac (R1) 0-1 Niort
    Sochaux 1
    -0 Upper Homburg (R2)

    Illzach (R1) 1–1 Grenoble
    Saint-Etienne 0–0 Rodez
    Aigues Mortes (N3) 0–2 Pau
    Orvault (R1) 1–0 Laval

  • 15:33And Grenoble is back against Illzach-Modenheim!

    Trouble for Ligue 2 confirmed!

    After the injury of Manu Perez, the GF38 gives the advantage against the Upper Rhine!

    Illzach-Modenheim 1-0 Grenoble

  • 15:31Laval concedes the first goal to Orvault!

    Start !

    The team from the Nantes suburbs take the lead against Tango!

    Orvault 1-0 Laval!

  • 15:29Sochaux finally unlocks the situation!

    With 20 minutes left, FCSM finally found the blame in the defense of Hombourg-Haut!

    Moussa Doumbia transforms a penalty that the SSEP goalkeeper is very close to leaving!

  • 15:27Paolo takes the break

    There are two for Pau, which greatly facilitates what began as the typical example of the trap match!

    Mayron George Takes Control of Koffi Center!

    Aigues Mortes (N3) 0–2Pau

  • 15:24Opening of the Pau FC ranking!

    On a very deteriorated lawn, Pau FC had a very complicated start to the match, with a Massamba Ndiaye put to work!

    But Henri Saivet opened the scoring against Aigues-Mortes!

  • 15:23The eleven of Dijon against Saint-Pryvé-Saint-Hilaire

  • 15:21The composition of Annecy against Combani’s Black Devils!

  • 15:20The composition of QRM against Aubervilliers!

  • 15:19We are preparing for the 4pm matches!

    Annecy – Combani Black Devils (R1 Mayotte)

    Price-les-Mézières (N3) – Bastia

    St-Pryvé-St-Hilaire (N2) – Dijon

    Aubervilliers (N3) – QRM

  • 15:16A blow for Grenoble

    Manu Perez’s exit due to injury against Illzach Modenheim after 12 minutes: tile for the GF38!

  • 15:14Paris FC doubles the bet!

    Thierry Laurey’s plan goes smoothly on the lawn of Les Ulis (N3): 2-0 and it’s Warren Caddy again to score!

  • 15:12Pau on a “rustic” meadow in Aigues-Mortes

    You said “trap”

  • 15:08Wadji’s New Attempt!

    The AXIS attacker hits hard on the right but still misses the target!

  • 15:05Great opportunity for Saint-Étienne!

    Pintor collapses at the entrance to the Ruthenian surface! No blame but Wadi follows him to launch a low cross that touches the post, on the wrong side!

  • 15:03… And let’s start a few second periods

    Niort and the Pfc have to finish the job. Sochaux has 45 minutes to finally find the fault!

    Les Ulis (N3) 0-1 Paris FC
    Mérignac (R1) 0-1 Niort
    0-0 Hombourg Haut (R2)

  • 15:00Let’s go for the 3pm matches!

    Five more Ligue 2 teams are on the bridge!

    Ilzach 0-0 Grenoble

    Saint Etienne 0–0 Rodez

    Aigues Mortes 0–0 Pau

    Orvault 0–0 Laval

  • 14:52Laval’s composition to face Orvault!

    XI: Highwood – Dog, Diaw, Cross, Baudry, Mouali – Adeoti, Sanna, Tapoko – N’Chobi, Durban

    Substitutions: Chatelain, Ferhaoui, Sylla, Roye, Mendes, Da, Duterte.

  • 14:49My time!

    It’s the break for matches that started at 2pm! And for the moment, Sochaux is still held in check by Hombourg-Haut!

    Les Ulis (N3) 0-1 Paris FC
    Mérignac (R1) 0-1 Niort
    0-0 Hombourg Haut (R2)

  • 14:41The bar for Kalulu!

    Sochaux continues its undisputed dominion, but Hombourg-Haut still and always resists the invader!

  • 14:32The compositions of Saint-Étienne – Rodez!

    The first and only L2 shock of the weekend!

  • 14:31Grenoble’s line-up against Illzach-Modenheim

    Same mouse for the GF38 with typical team and goalkeeper number 2.

  • 14:30The composition of Pau against Aigues-Mortes

    As expected, few changes, apart from the presence in goal of Massamba Ndiaye.

  • 14:2615:00 games

    Another wave of matches is already brewing from 3pm:

    Illzach (R1) – Grenoble


    Aigues-Mortes (N3) – Pau

    Volta Bear (R1) – Laval

  • 14:21Paris FC open the scoring

    After about twenty minutes of play, Paris FC in turn finds the foul, against Ulis!

    It’s Warren Caddy who opens the ball!

  • 14:13Niort opens the scoring in Mérignac!

    And this is 1-0 for the Chamois on the lawn of Mérignac! Rocheteau unlocks the Niort counter by taking control of a center!

  • 14:10Bonal did not fill up

    Initially scheduled on the lawn of club R2 in Hobourg-Haut, Sochaux’s match against the Moselle amateurs is going well at the Stade Auguste-Bonal. Many empty seats to deplore, but we sing the same in the Franche-Comté compound.

  • 14:05Sochaux’s composition against Hombourg-Haut

  • 14:04The composition of Niort against Mérignac

  • 14:03The composition of Paris FC against Ulis

  • 13:5914:00 posters

    Three matches involving Ligue 2 teams start at 2pm!

    Le Ulis (N3) – Paris FC
    Merignac (R1) – Niort
    – Alto Homburg (R2)

    Coupe de France (7th round) – Dates and times of matches for all clubs in Ligue 2

  • 13:57Welcome !

    Good morning everyone !

    Let’s go to the 7th round of the Coupe de France 2022-2023, the first of the season for the Ligue 2 clubs!

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