Cristiano Ronaldo Insider Destroys Ten Hag and the Club’s Lies

Cristiano Ronaldo Insider Destroys Ten Hag and the Club’s Lies

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Inevitably the soap opera Cristiano Ronaldo continues to excite comment in England. The Portuguese star is edging closer every day to a complete break with his club by leaving in January, following his exit from this weekend’s group against Chelsea.

Exposed lies about Cristiano Ronaldo

But the attitude towards Cristiano Ronaldo provokes the anger of one of his relatives, who is also a real star in England. Journalist Piers Morgan, who has never hidden his complicity with CR7, has continued to publicly defend him in recent days. With a few tweets, the latter did not spare Manchester United, guilty of leaking false rumors about a player who will not be interested, but also Erik Ten Haag with particularly salty words…

“At the end of lies coming out from United management to hurt him…Cristiano was offered €130 million to play a season in Saudi Arabia but turned it down. »

“Ten Hag trying to lecture Cristiano Ronaldo about norms and values ​​while deliberately humiliating him… what a joke. One is the greatest footballer of all time and champion of four countries… The other was a crappy player and as a manager barely managed to win a brown fight outside Holland. »

“I think the collective disrespect towards Cristiano by his manager and many United fans after everything he did for your club, especially last season, is shameful. This is my opinion. »

to summarize

While Cristiano Ronaldo is in a very difficult situation on the part of Manchester United, the Portuguese could count on the support of a loved one. Piers Morgan, a famous English journalist who is an accomplice of CR7, defended him.

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