Cristiano Ronaldo Price on Ten Hag / Angleterre / Manchester United /

Cristiano Ronaldo Price on Ten Hag / Angleterre / Manchester United /

Left out of the group with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo has once again incurred the wrath of Erik ten Hag. A new escalation of tension between the two, resembling a final separation.

The image went around the world. At 87e minutes of ce Manchester United-Tottenham (2-0), Cristiano Ronaldo ran back into the dressing room, tired of warming up in a vacuum and realizing that Erik ten Hag wouldn’t count on him again. For their part, the English media raised the thesis of the 37-year-old’s refusal to enter the game in the last two minutes of the game, when the result already seemed decided. A surprising gesture to some, shocking to othersbut rather understandable actually.

Sufferers of Carrington amnesia

So the fracture took shape over the summer. At the turn of transfer rumours, sometimes intensifying, often unfounded, Cristiano Ronaldo has actually decided to extend his Mancunian adventure with an extra season. The mistake of not committing, of course. In charge since April, Erik ten Hag thus settled on a tacit agreement with the Portuguese, pushing him back up the pecking order in exchange for a morale boost for his team-mates. In reality, this will be the last joint pot between the two men. Determined to dictate his course of action, the Batavian did not hesitate to sacrifice Ronaldo in favor of a sporadically functioning system.

On the offensive line, it’s really hard to see clearly as effective changes and rotations rain down. Sparkling in selection, Christian Eriksen struggled to lead the game red devils, entangled in an axis blocked by the imposing presence of Bruno Fernandes. The Lusitanian has been linked with AC since the end of last season after hinting at some bright spots. Two leaders struggling to service uninspired forwards such as the erratic chronicler Jaden Sancho and the unrecognizable Marcus Rashford. In this pile of technical inconsistencies, it is difficult to find any trace of responsibility specific to Cristiano Ronaldo, whose only priority in the end seems to be to help a coach who is not inclined to compromise.

“This new generation doesn’t seem ready to take criticism. So if you don’t want my help and advice, at least do the work and help the team. » CR7

Because to analyze the information distilled here and there, the core of the problem will lie in the “harmful” attitude of CR7. A somewhat shaky argument given the ordinary duties of the person concerned. From his first adventure at Manchester United, to Juventus, through Real Madrid or Choice, Cristiano Ronaldo will never be talked about for alleged sports shortcomings. Despite the assertive character that has become a registered trademark, the 30-year-old, on the contrary, has always been praised for his professionalism and goodwill. At all levels of the locker room. Better yet, how do I explain that six months ago Ronaldo ended his 2021-2022 season second in the Premier League’s top scorers list (eighteen achievements)? The club’s top pyrotechnician with 24 goals in total (including 6 in the Champions League), the striker began his summer break feeling he had done his duty. All this before, in September, amnesia took over Carrington.

The end of the roller and that of the tunnel?

As revealed by timestherefore the origin of evil will be found in “dogmatic methods” of Ten Hag, as Ronaldo would suggest to staff members. Affected by certain decisions that weakened his role as a manager in a relatively young workforce, the Portuguese logically turned around. As reported in the daily, Madeiran would also complain “the quality and quantity of exercises offered in training” , but also the freedoms afforded to some startups. A question that the number 7 has also dwelt on several times. “Respect has always been paramount in my decision-making and I have always looked to more experienced players as an example to become an example myself.” can therefore be read in press release published on social networks this thursday night.

Likewise, during an interview with Sky Sports last January, already. “When I turned 18, the older players gave me a thumbs up and I took that as advice, not an insult. This new generation does not seem ready to accept criticism. So if you don’t want my help and advice, at least do the work and help the team. » Way to illustrate a fed up general for one of the greatest sports figures of the XXIe century, the legitimacy of which is today questioned by a euphoric coach. The same legitimacy that any athlete of his stature would enjoy. A quiet catalyst, Erik ten Haag seems to want to cross swords with his biggest CEO in the name of seeking harmful credibility and wacky principles. But at 37, despite the upheavals and with an overly busy career, it will take more to break Cristiano Ronaldo. In Manchester or elsewhere.

By Adele Bentaha

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