Di Mecco tackles Turpin, ‘the little prince of arbitration’

Di Mecco tackles Turpin, ‘the little prince of arbitration’

Eric Di Mecco did not appreciate the arbitration of Clément Turpin during the victory of PSG against OM, Sunday, at the end of the 11th day of Ligue 1 (1-0). Our consultant, a former Marseille defender, believes that the assistants in charge of VAR did not dare to challenge his decisions during this clash at the Parc des Princes.

He didn’t like that and he let it be known. The day after OM’s defeat on grass by PSGSunday in the 11th day of League 1 (1-0), Eric Di Mecco does not digest the decisions made by Clément Turpin at the Parc des Princes. In particular, it concerns Nordy Mukiele’s hand in the surface, which was not sanctioned by a penalty. “We can’t blame Marseille fans for having a memory. And remember the penalty whistled at OM last year. I can’t hide that, the former Marseille defender reacted to RMC’s Rothen s’ ignites. When you see Mukiele half-collapsed, arms dragging like a goalkeeper stepping out in front of an oncoming player and the ball touches his hand, he can take a penalty.

Beyond this controversial situation, Di Mecco is left with the impression that Mr. Turpin’s deputies do not dare to judge him: “Mr. Turpin has become the ideal son-in-law of French arbitration. right to challenge it. I’m sure in VAR when there’s Turpin on the pitch we don’t give it back because it’s Turpin. If he is an ordinary referee, in this action, we say to him: “Go and see anyway, because we have doubts.” This is a problem, because it is not the first time. It’s hard to verify, but that’s my point.”

“Turpin is outmatched, that worries me”

“The little prince of French arbitration, who is the best rated and who will do the big competitions, we cannot face him, he continued. And it bothers me if it’s another referee and we say to him, “Go and look at the player’s position”, maybe he doesn’t call a penalty, but maybe he does. Penalties are called like that, I’ve seen others. That’s the disturbing thing. one of Marquinhos lying around but he might have the front thigh. And on the off it’s the same. Yes, Gigo does everything but Neymar jumps in. Here’s my side of the Marseille supporters speaking. What I blame Mr. Turpin for , is that. It’s that he’s all-powerful. And that’s a problem for me.”

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