Foot Mondial 2022 – Lies in Qatar, France 2 wake up Noël Le Graët

Foot Mondial 2022 – Lies in Qatar, France 2 wake up Noël Le Graët

With the World Cup approaching, which will be held in the Emirate in a month’s time, Qatar is confronting the international community about the working conditions of its small hands behind the scenes.

After repeated accusations during the construction of the World Cup stadiums, accommodation is now a concern. A French TV crew went to Qatar for the Complément d’Enquête programme. The journalists took as an example the luxury hotel where the Blues will stay during the World Cup, Al Mesila Hotel. FIFA ensures the creation of good practices in accordance with basic human rights, i.e. decent living conditions for the staff, without forced labor and with at least one day off per week. Hidden camera journalists very quickly find migrant workers living in unsanitary conditions, with some rooms at 35°, toilets infested with cockroaches and beds crammed into areas with no transport or infrastructure. Connected, employees make sure their passports are taken away and that they don’t miss a day off during the week.

A guilty society dismissed

Images shown to the FFF president who was not at all concerned at first. “ I will discuss it with the director. It’s not unsanitary, it’s a lick of paint. There’s still time to fix this ” launched Noel Le Graet, who eventually woke up by ordering an investigation into the working conditions of the employees at the hotel where the Blues will be staying. Since then, the hotel giant Accor has tried to cover up the problem by assuring that the incriminated company only worked with one hotel in Qatar, which unfortunately was this one. “ Compliance actions taken assured the hotel chain. For its part, the FFF assured that the said company was fired and confirmed the irregularities such as the withholding of passports. The Federation concluded by stating that “ the world is an opportunity for progress, but participation does not mean turning a blind eye ».

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