Igor Tudor and Valentin Rongier respond to Gerson’s controversy

Igor Tudor and Valentin Rongier respond to Gerson’s controversy

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In football, the surprises are few. Last year, Gerson, he had he had started his adventure with Marseille badly, and had ended the season in a cannonball. It was the choice of Jorge Sampaoli who imagined him perfectly in his game system. But, this summer, the coach has changed. And it won’t really work well for Auriverde.

In fact, Igor Tudor replaced Jorge Sampaoli in early July. The Croatian instead imagines a system with two number tens under the striker and two midfielders of the second half. The former Hellas Verona obviously does not see the Brazilian in the midfield duo. And he gave him his chance under the striker, without success. His body image is generally poor. Slow, little involved, it takes forever to leave the Vélodrome lawn against Frankfurt (0-1).

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Add to this also a difficult start for a relationship between him and his coach this summer during his internship in England. Except the one before the return match between Eintracht and OM this wednesday, his father and the agent decided to talk : « we will look elsewhere. It is inevitable. We will organize ourselves to start from the next transfer window. If Gerson is no longer important to OM, we will find a club that will know how to value him. Many have already come forward. We had no explanation from the coach. That’s why I’m going to talk to Pablo (Longoria) today (Monday) to find out what’s going on. Physically, Gerson is in great shape, but he is sad and angry. And me too “.

Necessarily, the topic was hot before Valentin Rongier and Igor Tudor’s press conference this Tuesday at the Deutsche Bank Arena in Frankfurt. ” It is difficult to be a footballer, it is also difficult to be a coach who has to make choices. He plays less, it doesn’t detract from his qualities. We love having him in the locker room. What is said about his future is none of our business. His father is his agent, if he has decided to speak depends on him, but it does not concern us “, Explained the OM captain first in Payet’s absence. Then his coach continued.

I think the question can be questioned by all coaches. It is not new. It is part of football. For a coach, this is the hardest part. You have to select eleven and five on the key. I love them all and they all have the ability to play, unfortunately not everyone can be happy. It’s the same for Gerson, I like the player a lot, he has incredible qualities, but I have to make choices. They are choices of the moment for the good of the team. It is never against anyone. It is something normal. An agent, of course, arrives, asks questions. There is no case to be done “added the coach before being concise about a raise from one of our colleagues, the black eye. But, as the player’s father and agent said, the end seems inevitable …

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