Jesse Marsh’s How Leeds Beat Liverpool: The Summerville Prophecy, The Fixes and Wigfield

Jesse Marsh’s How Leeds Beat Liverpool: The Summerville Prophecy, The Fixes and Wigfield

Saturday night and despite the fear Leeds United It was cold and hot in Merseyside. Wigfield was on the stereo as they re-entered Anfield’s away dressing room. Victor Orta hugged the man who moved; players, staff, whoever. Jesse Marsh let it all flow, consciously trying not to steal the moment.

No one could have convinced Marsh that the walls closed in on him last week, but sometimes, very sometimes, football is great. Leeds go Liverpool undefeated and won for the first time in 21 years Virgil van Dyck Lost a league match in red at Anfield. Marsh’s aide Renee Marik says Crisencio Summerville he’s going to score tonight and his second major goal for England and with a minute of normal time to play a day before his 21st birthday, who could help it? One minute Marsh is on the brink, the next his death is far less than death and taxes. This is how it goes.

Marsh was exhausted, rubbing his face and emotional in his post-match press conference. Managing Leeds can age a manager quickly, for example Simon Grayson takes the job with a hair and doesn’t leave it with him. “I’m not superstitious at all,” Marsh said, but last week at Thorpe Arch he couldn’t resist changing all kinds, trying to eradicate the contagion of the destructive form. “Nobody wants to go through the same routine,” he said. “Now the problem is knowing what to keep and what to change!”

For him, and when he’s under pressure, it’s first-world problems, winning games and sound judgment that come with finding a rhythm. If his tenure is winless after eight games, it’s in the eyes of those on the outside looking in, not those inside the building. The Leeds hierarchy formed a ring around him after last Sunday’s defeat FulhamAs preparations for Liverpool began, the talk around the training ground was this: things have to change, but those changes don’t include the manager.

The idea is to travel to the USA in the next 48 hours after the Fulham game World Cup the break was shelved. Instead, Leeds will play a series of games in Europe, balancing work and travel with the better. The proposed two-week break for the team has been shortened. Staff duties were changed and reassigned, and Marsh asked a psychologist to work his magic. Tinkering was preferred to general action, all in the hope of buying him some breathing space. A 2-1 win at Liverpool bought him a little.

Marsh celebrates Klopp’s win over Liverpool (Getty Images)

There are many who think they have seen this dance before, the manager and the club are obliged to share the dance with the company, but there is still a stage of acceptance to be reached, and if Marsh is to restore himself by fighting against the attack, the more important thing than to screw up this dance is that Thorpe Arch has made active progress on the pitch. Liverpool, on the surface, promised more pain. The reaction at full-time—an evening of heavenly relief and ecstasy—was more like a reaction. Brentford Like a team coming back from the brink last season.

The difference last night was Marsh’s luck at the end of the period. In the fourth minute, it was enough to hit Liverpool Joe Gomez hit the pass Alison Alisson slipped on the wet grass as she tried to adjust Rodrigo sliding the ball into a perfectly empty net. Leeds’ finishing kept Marsh free and with their form collapsing, open goals looked like the only route to real goals. As the first half unfolded, Brendan Aaronson Hit the volleyball bar and should be buried Jack Harrison Instead of netting at the far post, Alisson was hit. Liverpool got away with it.

It quickly became apparent that Marsh was sticking to his guns, preferring to go out with his shield rather than compromise philosophy. This is becoming a trend with the coaches in Leeds. His formation was nothing special either, a typical 4-2-3-1 and the orders were the same: press Liverpool, especially in the center of midfield, and see what their passes are made of. to be Tyler Adams, felt strongly on his return from injury and Liverpool’s passing looked like it was made of brittle fibre. Chances came and chances went, but not for the first time, Leeds built a smart first half to compete hard in what could have been a write-off.

As well as the poor finish, Leeds’ habit of horrendous defeats took a toll on Marsh. Rodrigo’s power stopped 10 minutes ago Mohamed Salah Given the freedom of the box, Andy Robertson headed home the cross from close range. The teams were level at half-time, with attention turning to Marsh’s replacements, who were scheduled to start shortly after. It did not take long for him to radically change the matches, some changes made his side worse.

Patrick Bamford He was the first to replace Rodrigo in the 52nd minute. Wilfrid Gnonto With 18 minutes to go, the next one came, people called in previous meetings. They were positive, aggressive connectors, and the balance of the contest was worth it. Liverpool had their moments Evening Meslier kitchen sink, etc. stood up, but Leeds realized they would rarely have a chance of winning at Anfield. For the most part, Liverpool couldn’t do more than rotate possession between their centre-backs and a low-lying midfield, stuck in front of them with a block.

Then it was a last ditch effort from Jurgen Klopp’s defense and too much. Gnonto’s pass from the left found Van Dijk in the middle. Bamford’s touch was heavy, but he kept his Balance and flicked the ball towards Summerville, who headed it into the far corner. His shirt was off and everything was raised in a corner of the ground. With one hand outstretched and the fingers of the other cheering, Marsh turned to rock Freddie Mercury for a few seconds. He allowed himself, because management, in general, lacks sweetness and light. But when the final whistle blew, he remained in his shell, quiet and reflective, as others embraced the mania.

Anfield looked a terrible destination after a terrible run and now Leeds must start (Getty Images)

Did he lift the weight on his shoulders? “I don’t know,” Marsh replied, wary of counting his chickens. “We have to use this to launch ourselves. That makes next weekend at Elland Road very important.” He has had a habit of talking too much during his time at Leeds, but he doesn’t show up Bournemouth seven days later at home, there was exactly the right answer; one great win had to turn into a flood of points or again all progress would be lost.

That being said, the club backed him after Fulham and they weren’t about to soften their support after a great win. A weekend that could end with Leeds at the bottom Premier League instead it ended with a brilliant flash. Someone in the tunnel hears Adams, who is already cracking up. “Three points,” he shouted. “Let’s get out of here!” And with that, they’re off to face what comes next for this attraction.

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