Putin’s goddaughter Ksenia Sobchak is rumored to have fled Russia

Putin’s goddaughter Ksenia Sobchak is rumored to have fled Russia

  • A Russian media star with close ties to Putin fled the country.
  • Ksenia Sobchak, rumored to be Putin’s goddaughter, is in Lithuania, an official there said.
  • Sobchak left after his house was searched in connection with a notorious extortion case.

A popular journalist who was rumored to be the “goddaughter of President Vladimir Putin” has fled Russia, Kazinform reports.

Ksenia Sobchak left Russia and entered Lithuania on Tuesday evening using an Israeli passport. This was reported by the state-controlled TASS agencyWith reference to the representatives of the law enforcement agencies, who did not mention their names.

On Wednesday, police searched his Moscow home as part of an extortion case against one of his colleagues. TASS reported, again citing an anonymous source in law enforcement. A source said there was a warrant out for his arrest.

Sobchak tried to confuse the police by buying tickets to Dubai and Turkey before fleeing by land via Belarus to Lithuania on Tuesday evening, TASS reports.

A video circulating on social media, which Insider could not confirm, appears to show her crossing the Belarus-Lithuania border with two men.

Kirill Sukhanov, commercial director of Sobchak, who heads the “Ostorozhno.Media” group, was arrested and fled after his house was searched.

After Sukhanov was arrested, he Posted on Telegram This case is called “nonsense” and “another pressure on journalism in the country.”

Arian Romanovsky, the former editor of the Russian “Tatler” magazine, was arrested in this case. TASS reported.

The Russian authorities accused the couple of blackmailing the head of the Rostec defense conglomerate, TASS reports.

Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak at a demonstration in 2011

Misha Japaridze/AP

Sobchak, 40, is a popular TV host and socialite who became famous through reality shows. He later distanced himself from his image as the “Paris Hilton of Russia”. A candidate for the presidency of Russia .

She is the daughter of Anatoly Sobchak, the first post-Soviet mayor of St. Petersburg in the early 1990s and deputy to Vladimir Putin.

Putin has it Since then, Sobchak has been described as a mentorand there have been rumors for a long time that Ksenia is Putin’s goddaughter.

Although he sometimes took a liberal stance and criticized Putin’s government, some critics voted for his presidential bid. staged as a feint Impressions of competitive elections in Russia.

Putin has clamped down heavily on Russian media in recent years, a move that silenced independent journalism in the country as he invaded Ukraine.

Lithuanian counterintelligence chief Darius Jaunishkis said Sobchak has the right to stay in Lithuania for 90 days. TASS reported.

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