“Reminds me of Doncic”: Zaccharie Risacher, the evening of the outbreak

“Reminds me of Doncic”: Zaccharie Risacher, the evening of the outbreak

Almost an hour after the final beep, Zaccarie Risacher (2.05 m, 17 years old) walks through the bays of the Astroballe, responds with a smile to the photographic requests of some children, then passes in front of a man. After a few seconds of hesitation, the latter ends up stopping him at the last minute: “Oh sorry, I didn’t recognize you, congratulations on your match! ” A relative anonymity called to vanish in the more or less distant future, at the pace of his professional growth. If he had already had a few nights as memorable last season as the day he became the youngest French holder in the EuroLeague (aged 16 and 302 days in Istanbul) or 21 minutes of play against Olympiakos, the Villeurbanne nugget laid the foundation stone of his career on Friday night with a winning performance against Baskonia (87-61). “It makes me happy to see that he can do things well in EuroLeague and gain confidence”cheered his teammate Retin Obasohan.

Game time, yes, but above all a real contribution

ASVEL’s second-longest playing time against Vitoria (with 21 minutes and 36 seconds), Zaccharie Risacher indirectly earned votes in the rotation during Sunday night’s disillusionment in Roannaise, which he did not participate in. “At first I wanted to wait before launching it”says TJ Parker. “I didn’t want to put too much pressure on him and try to start the season well. But since it didn’t go as we hoped, I said to myself: come on, let’s go! The child deserves it, he’s not afraid so try it!” Sent on fire as a relay by David Lighty in the first quarter, the Malaga native weighed in as he entered the game by capturing two offensive rebounds in a row on the same possession. Ideal for gaining confidence and demonstrating your ability to contribute right from the start. “In addition to playing, it can lead”points out Anthony Brossard, his coach in Espoirs. In this case he made a concrete contribution, he immediately showed what he was capable of doing, in particular by getting rebounds. “

In the second half Zaccharie Risacher tried, in vain, to hit a second dunk (photo: Infinity Nine Media / Julie Darbon)

And then, above all, in addition to his ability to jump higher than the others, Zaccharie Risacher showed his maturity and impressive craftsmanship from the height of his 17 years. “It is his strength”agrees the U21 coach. “Everything he does is under control: he is never too emotional or frustrated. ” Very loyal in everything he has undertaken, he has not forced anything and has hinted at the size of his basketball IQ, both in the defensive and offensive phases, such as his cut from the baseline to go for a dunk in the 12th minute. In short, he was ready to perform on the biggest stage, which is perhaps the hardest thing to achieve when he is still a teenager. “I talked about it with the coach earlier in the week”he smiles shyly in front of the half-dozen journalists interested in him, the only moment, perhaps, in which he has let himself be carried away by his age. “He told me I was going to be in the rotation, so I wasn’t surprised. The idea was to be aggressive, to defend myself hard, to have fun in the sense of the game, to play basketball! I have always supported the professional team, it was not a leap into the unknown, I knew what I was capable of. In the other games I was ready to play too, so it helped me get ready when the opportunity arose. “

“You have to take advantage of it, it’s unique! “

Under the eyes of his father, Stéphane, sitting in the second row, his mother, Sandrine, Skweek’s production manager, and his little sister, Aïnhoa, also an ASVEL player, Zaccharie Risacher left the Astroballe ovation in the first half. Able to punish from afar when open and to hold defensive duels, the former Tassin Écully Olympique Basket player has a final budget of 5 points to 2/5 (including a desperate shot at the siren), 6 rebounds, 1 decisive assist, 1 interception and 1 turnover. “It’s not a surprise”insists TJ Parker. “He’s the same in training. In defense he really improved. Anyway, he knows he has to face him to gain minutes, but he strengthened, he can put pressure on the ball. He has great shooting quality, athletic skills. He did that. that he had to: he defended, he shot, very well. I’m happy for him, he’s deserved! “

An almost symbolic evening since, as Anthony Brossard reminded us, a certain Matthew Strazel he had already revealed himself against Vitoriafrom nearly three years to the day before, October 29, 2019. Passionate coach, Pierre Murtin’s former discipline also had his eyes full of pride at his protege’s performance, which he was full of praise when we questioned him this summer . “Zacch ‘is the modern player par excellence, the tall winger who knows how to do everything: carry the ball, play pick and roll, post, shoot from three points, defend many positions. He reminds me of Luka Doncic, as he is part of this category. of players capable of taking rebounds, making passes and scoring points. He really knows how to do everything and has no limits. He is the strongest player I have ever coached, while I have already seen Théo Maledon or Amine Noua pass. These were very strong in a “specific area, he can do everything. This is where he is exceptional! He is a very rare player: you have to take advantage of it because he is truly unique!”

Among the pros, the Hopes and his last year courses

Powered by the orange ball, holder of the first license since the age of three at Elan Chalon, assiduous at Astroballe since childhood, Zaccharie Risacher represents the greatest potential of the 2005 generation. Still eligible to play in the U18, he continues to to accumulate all the possible levels, like his dizzying sequence between the 35 minutes played in Roanne at Espoirs on Sunday and the 22 minutes of EuroLeague five days later. “The gap is pretty crazy”laughs Anthony Brossard. He does not care. “This type of alternation between the teams is a factor to be taken into consideration account “admits the hero of the evening. “But actually I’m used to it. I started last year, with the professionals, the U21s, U18s and U17s.” He did it so well that he even came out with a trophy in each category (!): Senior French Champion (only two Betclic ÉLITE appearances of course), French Espoirs Champion, French U18 Champion and U17 French Cup winner.

With his 2.05m, Zaccharie Risacher manages to dominate in rebounds (photo: Lilian Bordron)

This season the decor is different: the son of the 2000 Olympic vice-champion is above all programmed to grow with the professional team. The Espoirs are there in addition, to allow him to continue expanding his game and developing physically, one of his main areas of progress. “We try to put the ball in his hand, to make him play on things that he is less used to experimenting with the professionals”reports Anthony Brossard. “What’s comforting is that he doesn’t cheat when he plays with us. In Roanne, if he plays 35 minutes, it is mainly for himself, to keep up, but he is fully committed and participated in our victory. The idea is to prepare him to be ready for that kind of moment. His game proves everyone right. ” Since the sudden resignations of Victor Wembanyama and Killian Malwaya, Risacher has been the banner of ASVEL’s new youth project, where everything is set for its success. Still a high school student Bronze medal at the U17 World Cup attends the latest courses (scientific flow) through the CNED, also with the intervention of the teachers of the Tony Parker Adequat Academy, where he resides. “We have created a cell around him to help him”describes the Parisian technician. “He has a busy schedule between school, matches, professional training and Espoirs. But it’s pretty stable, focused on what it needs to do. He manages to manage it, to organize himself. I have the impression that it translates positively and that it is on the right track. ” This is still immensely long to get where he wants, but the first impulse given on Friday is engaging. And with a few more releases like these, soon everyone will recognize him very quickly in the rooms of the Astroballe …

In Villeurbanne,


October 29, 2022 at 2:30 am

Almost an hour after the final beep, Zaccarie Risacher (2.05 m, 17 years old) walks through the bays of the Astroballe, responds with a smile to the photographic requests of some children, then passes in front of a man. After a few seconds of hesitation, the latter ends up stopping him at the last minute: “Oh sorry, I didn’t have you …

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