More than 3,500 US flights were delayed Sunday as a major storm system disrupted travel

More than 3,500 US flights were delayed Sunday as a major storm system disrupted travel

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A severe weather system across several parts of the United States prompted passengers to arrive early for expected flights at the three major airports serving New York City. one of the busiest travel days of the year.

As of Sunday afternoon, 3,507 flights to, from or within the United States were delayed. According to FlightAwareand 86 US flights were canceled, the website noted.

By Sunday morning, a fairly large storm system will move northeast from the Mississippi River Valley, bringing widespread rain and gusty winds. Heavy rain and strong winds are expected to affect millions of travelers from the Midwest to the Northeast and Southeast through Sunday.

New York’s LaGuardia Airport has urged passengers to reserve parking spaces in advance, with operators filling those spaces. “We can’t stress it enough — plan ahead and arrive early if you’re traveling during the #Thanksgiving holiday travel period,” the airport tweeted.

The Newark Liberty International Airport LGA advised passengers to plan ahead and aim to arrive at the airport early. He warned that the entrances to the airport were congested on Sunday morning. “The holiday season means a large number of passengers. If you plan to travel through Terminal A or B, take advantage of the FREE EWR VirtuaLine service and secure your seat at the security checkpoint in advance,” the airport said. said on Twitter. “Please allow extra time for travel, check-in and security due to the increased number of travelers during the holidays.”

John F. Kennedy Airport also said passengers traveling on Sunday should plan ahead and arrive early. JFK tweeted from his verified account, “Allow extra travel time to arrive at #JFK airport, get reserved seat, check-in & go through security.”

— CNN’s Ramisha Maroof contributed to this report.

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