Omar fires back after McCarthy vows to remove him from committees

Omar fires back after McCarthy vows to remove him from committees

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) fired back at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) after he promised to remove Omar from his committee posts if elected speaker.

“Since I was elected, the Republican Party has made it their mission to target fear, xenophobia, Islamophobia and racism against me on the floor of the House and through millions of dollars in campaign ads,” Omar said.

“Whether it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene holding a gun to my head in campaign ads or Donald Trump threatening to ‘send me back to my country’ (despite being a proud citizen of the United States for over 20 years), this constant stream of hatred has resulted in hundreds of death threats against me and led to credible conspiracies against my family,” he added.

McCarthy repeated his comments during an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” He promised to remove Omaras well as Reps. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) and Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) from their committees.

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“Congressman Omar, his anti-Semitic comments have moved forward, and we will not allow him to be in foreign affairs,” McCarthy told host Maria Bartiromo, referring to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Omar has long been critical of Israel and its actions in the occupied Palestinian territories. He was rebuked by other House Democrats.

Republicans plan to take control of the House in January and last week voted to nominate him as speaker, although 31 Republicans voted against it. McCarthy will need 218 votes to be promoted to the role in January because each chamber has a sworn member to vote, meaning he can only lose a few GOP votes.

“McCarthy’s repeated attempts to single me out for hate and hate, including threatening to remove me from the committee, do nothing to address the issues our constituents decide,” Omar said. “It will do nothing for inflation, health care or solving the climate crisis.”

“It creates fear and hatred for Somali Americans and anyone who shares my identity and divides us along racial and ethnic lines,” he added. “This is a continuation of the ongoing campaign against Muslim and African American votes that Donald Trump’s party has tried to ban since his election.”

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