FC Barcelona: blow for Lewandowski

FC Barcelona: blow for Lewandowski

FC Barcelona: blow for Lewandowski

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Since early 2023, Robert Lewandowski has been an intermittent artist in Barcelona. Blame for the expulsion suffered on November 8 in Pamplona (2-1), which earned him three rounds of disqualification. The Pole had been booked twice that day for elbowing his opponents and walked off the pitch making a controversial gesture for the referee’s attention (although he swore he had no bad intentions). Barça appealed, which allowed them to play against Espanyol (1-1) on 31 December, but the penalty was later upheld, forcing them to miss La Liga matches but not Copa del Rey or La Liga matches. Super cup.

Lewandowski is yet to serve a one match suspension in the league, against Girona this weekend. But on Wednesday he will be able to play in the quarter-finals of the King’s Cup against Real Sociedad. Problem, the referee appointed by the Federation is none other than Jesus Gil Manzano, the same one who refereed in Pamplona on November 8th! The former Bayern striker is therefore warned: he will have to put his elbows on aerial duels and avoid touching his nose when Manzano looks at him …

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Tomorrow Wednesday, FC Barcelona will host Real Sociedad in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey. The match will be led by Jesus Gil Manzano, the referee who sent off Robert Lewandowski during the away match in Pamplona (2-1) on 8 November.

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