Football’s biggest revelation after Ronaldo thought Al-Nasr was in South Africa.

Football’s biggest revelation after Ronaldo thought Al-Nasr was in South Africa.

Football’s biggest revelation after Ronaldo thought Al-Nasr was in South Africa.

Conquered the football world Cristiano Ronaldo has completed a stunning £175million-a-year move to Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr. with its bitter trail Manchester United Exit.

Despite the warmest welcome from Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo revealed he is excited to move to South Africa at the official opening ceremony in the Middle East.

In a video posted on social media, Ronaldo said: “Football is different, so for me this is not the end of my career. South Africa. So I want to change and to be honest, I really don’t care what people say.’

But Ronaldo will be happy to know he’s not alone when it comes to fake passes. Here, Sports mail recalls some of the best over the years.

Cristiano Ronaldo had an awkward speech at his Al-Nassr club after saying he was happy to move to South Africa instead of Saudi Arabia.

Robinho is believed to have joined Chelsea after breaking the transfer record to join Manchester City

In 2008, Brazilian star Robinho left Real Madrid and dreamed of joining Chelsea.

However, the then 24-year-old broke the British transfer record when he signed for Manchester City for £32.5m.

Unfortunately, Robinho He made a big mistake when asked by reporters about his new club.

“On transfer deadline day, Chelsea made a good offer for me personally and for Real Madrid, and it was accepted,” he said, before someone pointed out his mistake.

‘Chelsea? No, Manchester. I’m sorry, he added.

Robinho kept his number 10 shirt with Man City manager Mark Hughes

Robinho kept his number 10 shirt with Man City manager Mark Hughes

Martin Braithwaite and Theo Hernandez have impressed in the openings at the Nou Camp and Bernabeu

In 2020, Braithwaite completed a controversial emergency transfer from Leganes, after which Barcelona triggered a £16m release clause following La Liga’s clearance.

As usual with Barcelona contracts, Braithwaite opened at the Nou Camp – but in strange circumstances.

Due to the pandemic, the striker had to perform without fans in the famous stadium.

You’d think that might have eased his nerves, but alas, it didn’t and the new signing failed to impress, doing a terrible job of showing his skills.

Footage emerged on social media showing the then 28-year-old attempting to spin the ball between his legs in an alternating rhythm before launching it into the air in a ‘rainbow move’.

But after two failed attempts, the striker decided to give up and simply dribbled before being mocked on social media.

Braithwaite, I think you followed in the footsteps of Theo Hernandez who had similar success (or lack of) when you signed for Real Madrid in 2017.

The £20m signing felt the pressure in front of the Bernabeu fans and managed just six wickets before the ball hit the deck.

It’s fair to say Hernandez has come a long way since then, winning the World Cup with France in 2018.

Where did the sign go? Kieran Trippier and Maxwell Cornet miss their new club’s ceilings… by some distance!

One of the main poses when a new player makes the move is to show the fans a badge as a show of passion.

But unfortunately for Kieran Trippier and Maxwell Cornet, neither could find where the badge was.

Last January, Trippier became Newcastle’s first £12m signing for the Saudi-backed hosts after a fine spell at Atletico Madrid.

But fans later noticed a blunder Newcastle have released a picture of their new addition, which shows off his sleeve rather than the Toon Hill.

It’s not the first time he’s done this. Six months ago, Burnley signed Ivory Coast international Maxwell Cornet from Lyon.

But like Trippier, Cornet was spotted missing the Clarets crest while signing a photo and showing off the Umbro badge on his new kit..

Maxwell Cornet shows off the Umbro logo

Kieran Trippier was spotted by the club's sponsor Kayak, an online travel agency.

Neither Kieran Trippier nor Maxwell Cornet realized they would not be representing their new club.

Everton misspelled Gerard Deulofeu’s name on the back of their new shirts for sale

It’s not an easy name to spell, but you’d hope Everton would do their due diligence before attempting to slap on shirts bearing the new player’s name.

A product of the famed La Masia academy, Deulofeu initially signed for the Toffees in 2013 on loan from Barca.

After another loan spell at Sevilla, a permanent move cost Everton £4.2m and he impressed on his arrival in the Premier League above the mark, tormenting defenders with his lightning speed.

He was signed as one of the most promising young talents around, but I hope they keep a receipt for those who want his name on the back of their shirts.

An embarrassing blunder saw the Everton star’s name mistakenly spelled ‘Deufoleu’. At least they got the number right!

Everton shirts misspell Gerard Deulofeu's name (right)

Everton shirts misspell Gerard Deulofeu’s name (right)

Benteke claims he’s a Burnley player on Twitter after signing for Crystal Palace

When the former Liverpool striker moved to Crystal Palace in 2016 in a club record deal worth up to £32million, it was a PR disaster.

His updated Twitter profile features pictures of himself in a Palace shirt, but his bio reads: “Burnley FC and Belgium national team”. His place remained as Liverpool.

The 25-year-old then switched clubs to CPFC, but not before the mistake was mocked by several of his 350,000 followers.

Benteke soon realized and apologized to his new fans, tweeting: “Oh my bad, Yes I signed for cpfc not burley. Sorry for the little typo, my twitter handler got a bit confused.

After signing for Crystal Palace, Christian Benteke accidentally revealed on Twitter that he was a Burnley player

After signing for Crystal Palace, Christian Benteke accidentally revealed on Twitter that he was a Burnley player

Spurs’ Roberto Soldado fails to hit the ball against Villarreal…TWICE

Roberto Soldado became Spurs’ most expensive player when he moved to north London from Valencia for £26m in August 2013.

It’s fair to say he wasn’t at his best at Tottenham, scoring 16 goals in 76 games in two seasons at White Hart Lane.

The Spanish striker returned home in 2015 – this time to join Villarreal in the hope of reviving his career – but it got off to the worst possible start.

During his opening, Soldado was tasked with kicking a ball to a small selection of fans in the stands.

But it couldn’t have been worse, as the forward overestimated the distance and headed the ball over their heads not once, but twice.

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