OM outclasses PSG, Qatar accelerates its revolution

OM outclasses PSG, Qatar accelerates its revolution

OM outclasses PSG, Qatar accelerates its revolution

The LFP has released mid-season attendance figures for Ligue 1. Unsurprisingly, OM dominate this table. And for good reason, the Vélodrome stadium is by far the largest stadium in the league. But there is no doubt that the figures revealed by the League should strengthen PSG’s willingness to move to a larger enclosure.

It’s a record! Indeed, the LFP extension has unveiled Ligue 1 appearance numbers. And mid-season, it’s unheard of. In total, more than 4.5 million spectators visited L1 stadiums in 19 days, which represents a 12% increase, or 555,000 more spectators than in the same period of 2021-2022. But above all it is also 5% more than in the middle of the 2019/2020 season, before Covid.

OM largely dominates the attendance chart

And the ranking is obviously dominated by theOF with an average of 62,449 spectators and an occupancy rate of 94%. It must be said that the Velodrome stadium and by far the largest enclosure in League 1. And this can give ideas to the PSGsecond in the standings behind the Marseille club with an average of 47,667 spectators and a 99% occupancy rate.

PSG will speed up for their new stadium

Indeed, while the Paris Commune refuses to sell the Princes Parkthe PSG plans to build a new stadium that can reach the capacity of Velodrome stadium. The capital club must have a near perfect occupancy rate which proves that the PSG it could largely end up being sold out in a bigger stadium. The average difference of 15,000 viewers with theOF should therefore reinforce the idea that the Parisian club needs a larger enclosure to continue its expansion, especially after theOLwhich has its own stadium, is just behind 46,305 average spectators and an estimated 80% occupancy rate.

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