There is not doubt about Iranian involvement in drone supply to Russia, says PGO

There is not doubt about Iranian involvement in drone supply to Russia, says PGO

There is not doubt about Iranian involvement in drone supply to Russia, says PGO

Training with drones at an undisclosed location in Iran

“This data is operational, this data is from intelligence units of both Ukrainian and our international partners,” he stated.

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“That is, we have this information that confirms Iran’s involvement.”

The Ukrainian government has begun to push for the prosecution of certain Iranian officials in national and international courts, he added, with evidence collection in full swing. The Prosecutor General’s Office says they want to trace the entire chain, from production to delivery and use.

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“For this purpose, hundreds of investigative actions are being carried out, hundreds of examinations are being conducted, which will be completed in the near future” Belousov added.

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“All the people who supply components, who assemble these drones, who supply and train Russians to use these drones, and those who directly launch drones at our citizens, at our cities, all of them must be identified.”

Earlier, Ivan Chyzhevskyi, prosecutor of the Department for Combating Crimes in the Context of Armed Conflict at the Prosecutor General’s Office, said that the investigation could not yet confirm that the Russian army was using Iranian-made suicide drones.

On Jan. 5, White House Strategic Communications Advisor John Kirby said that military cooperation between Russia and Iran could pose a threat to the security of not only Ukraine but also the United States.

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In late December, the media reported that the U.S. administration had launched a large-scale program to deprive Iran of the ability to produce and supply UAVs to Russia.

The efforts were reportedly intensified after the presence of Western components in these devices became apparent.

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On Jan. 6, the United States imposed sanctions against six top executives of Qods Aviation Industries, Iran’s largest drone developer and manufacturer, and the director of AIO, an Iranian company that develops ballistic missiles.

On Jan. 10, the European Union announces sanctions against Belarus and Iran for supporting Russia in its war against Ukraine.

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